Part-Time Enrollment

Milledgeville Prep is offering Part-Time Enrollment for up to 3 courses of a parents choosing.  This a great option for Home School families that want to still provide personal education partnered with a Christian environment for fellowship and extra-curricular activities.



Each Grade will participate in a specific Bible Course.



This includes Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.

Athletics &


This includes HS and MS Athletics and the Arts.

Foreign Languages

We offer Spanish I & II and French I & II.

What are the benefits of Part-Time Enrollment...

  • Participate in Athletics, The Arts, Biblical, Foreign Language, and more.

  • Maintain traditional Home School setting with the additional support for fellowship and athletic endeavors.

  • Reduced cost compared to a Full-Time enrollment.

  • Limit to 3 courses.

What is the cost for Part-Time Enrollment?

High School Full Year Course $500 1st Course, $300 additional Courses

3rd Grade - 8th Grade Full Year Course $200 1st Course, $150 additional Courses

Middle School and High School Athletics $100

$250 Building Fee due upon Acceptance into Milledgeville Prep

If you are interested, please click HERE for a Part-Time Enrollment Application.  Then contact our Administration Office to setup a meeting!