4 Reasons for Full-Time Enrollment



One major difference between the education you will receive at MP and other schools is a consistent Biblical Worldview being reinforced through all subjects.



At MP, your child will have an opportunity to compete in several sports options.  We believe that athletics allow students to develop leadership and life skills.  All of our coaches are experienced Christian coaches.   

Accessible Administration

As a Parent/Guardian, having access and the ability to build relationships with your schools administration is vital.  We believe in engaging relationships with all of our parents/guardians.  

Small Class


Your child will be in a class size no larger than 15.  That provides more one on one time between your child and their MP teachers and administrators.  This also allows your child to build strong friendships to last a lifetime.

2020-2021 K-12th Grade Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition:  $4,000 per year (includes 6 courses per Semester) 12 Month Payment Plan of $333.34 per.

  • Family Multiple Student Discount:  5% for each student.  $3,800 per year.  12 Month Payment Plan of $316.67 per month, plus a discount on the building and tech/book fee.

  • Athletic Fee: Cost varies depending on the sport.

  • Building & Technology/Book Fees:    ​​​​

  • $250 Building Fee for each student.

  • $250 Tech and book fee for each  student

  • $250 is due immediately upon admission to Milledgeville Prep.  Remaining balance of Building Fee can be spread out over 12 months (June 2020 - May 2021)

  • Total is $4,500 per year.

Enrollment Process

  1. Download Milledgeville Prep Application HERE.

  2. Complete Milledgeville Prep Application.

  3. Request Student Records from previous schools.

  4. Collect Shot and Immunizations Records.

  5. Download and Read Parent/Student Handbook.  

  6. Download and Sign the Student/Parent Statement of Agreement HERE.

  7. Submit completed Milledgeville Prep Application and all Documents/Records.  Email milledgevilleprep@gmail.com or mail to the Office.

  8. Once accepted pay $250 for your Building Fee Balance.

***Once Application, Documents, and Records are submitted you will be notified of Acceptance within 2 Business Days***